Why should you switch from blogspot to custom domain?

Most of the new bloggers preferBlogspot for their starting platform as it is free and they need not to be tech genius to start it but if you are putting your sincere efforts to your work than it is most advisable to switch to your own domain name from Blogspot. It’s a smart thing to do. It is something that will make your website look more professional. A unique domain name will also give your site the potential of having a strong brand name than why not give it an original name.

Here are few points to help you decide why you should opt for it.

Cheap rate

With all the companies offering cheap domain names now it is not expensive to get a domain name for a cheap rate. Also if you want to take it in cheaper rate you can opt for domain names with.net or .info. Also if your target readers are based in specific geographic location you can buy a local domain name at cheaper rate. Like buying an ‘.in’ is cheaper than ‘.com’. You can decide that on your depending upon your target audience.


Having your own custom domain name maximize trust of people in your website instead of having just a sub domain. It shows your seriousness about blogging as you are spending money on it. It will also be easier to remember in comparison to lengthy subdomain name.

Branding and e-mail

You can better brand yourself with your custom domain name as there will be no attached domain name. If you are trying to brand yourself with Blogspot you are eventually branding Blogspot instead of you. Custom domain name will get you facility of e-mail. So using email with your own domain will increase your branding.


It is permanent solution for you as compare to Blogspot as they can withdraw their service or deactivate your account even without giving any notice. So it is always better to get control of your content by using your own domain. Custom domain also preferred by search engines over sub domains. So will get preference in search results with your domain. You can easily transfer your archive blogs on your domain even your feed can be transferred too.

So, find a perfect name for your blog and transfer it from Blogspot to your domain to make it more professional and reliable.

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