Why free web hosting service is not a good idea?

There are lots of companies provide free hosting, but taking a free hosting instead of paid one like Hostgator with their latest hostgator coupon code is not a wise decision if you want to earn money from your online business presence.

Here are few points which will provide you a insight of free hosting’s disadvantages :

No personal domain name provided to you as in paid hosting. You will get a subdomain. So it will be confusing task for you customers to remember a long name. Also it doesn’t seem professional to have your business name as a subdomain instead of a real domain name.

Adsence cannot be used to advertise your website as they require your own domain name. So, check if host is providing you your own domain name or it’s just a sub domain. Or you’ll loose an opportunity to advertise your business on adsense. Some hosts provide adsense ad coupon with a paid hosting is it will be better to go for a paid plan instead of free one.

Free hosting doesn’t really come free for you, they put ads all over your website whether you want to have them or not. It does not look professional with all the ads pooping from everywhere from your website, even customers won’t like those pop-ups coming after every click and these frustrating and unprofessional things can take you customers away from your website.

With growing business needs you will need more disc space but with your free hosting account it isnot possible to get extra disc space as host will allow you to use only available space. Sometimes your host doesn’t even provide with e-mail support. Then, if you need more resources you any how have to update your free hosting account to a paid hosting account. This might cost you more than regular hosting account that will obviously take your time and may be more money too . so, always take paid hosting for your growing future needs.

Reliability you can’t always trust your host with the security of you data as even they won’t bother. you don’t have your own domain name and worse even your website content is owned by host too. They can anytime delete your website or remove your contents if they find it inappropriate. They can even stop hosting your website anytime they want.

Major problem with free hosting is uptime as they are providing you free hosting they won’t bother about uptime or any technical problems you have with your website. For your these problems They don’t have 24/7 customer care support , so you are on your own when it comes to your technical problems or uptime as they don’t spend money on customer care support for free hosting account. Limited website designing options available as they provide some templates in comparison of unlimited templates provided in paid hosting.

Sometime they do promise things which they cannot provide just to attract customers like unlimited disc space and bandwidth So, Sometimes they do have hidden cost like your monthly renewal or yearly renewal fees. So check thoroughly if they are really providing you with free.

Free hosting is a not a good idea to use if you are planning to do serious business online. It might be good to your personal blogs or personal use not for professional purpose.

So, Its better to go for a premium or paid hosting service such as Bluehost , Hostgator etc. You can get huge discount at Bluehost and other hosting services.

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