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StormWeb is a Canadian web hosting company and is known to offer speedy, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions to a wide variety of hosting requirements. Their offices are located in Sarnia, Ontario at the base of Lake Huron. The company first commenced its operations in 1996; and has since offered quality reliable web hosting services. The StormWeb Company is privately owned and operated.

The company utilizes high technology to offer web hosting solutions in a bid to cater for diverse requirements. StormWeb hosting Company is based in Ontario, Canada. The Company boasts of highly trained and skilled staff; which is considered a vital asset to StormWeb. The data center is located in a secured building, with state-of-the-art network and power redundancy. Furthermore; StormWeb does not charge any set up fee; when the customer signs up for the Advanced, Corporate or Empire package for a single year or more.

If that’s not all; for a yearly membership, the customers gains access to the company’s service completely free of cost for a period of 2 months. If the customers decide to sign up for two years; they get 3 months of services completely free of cost.

Before we give you the lowdown on the different plan packages offered byStormWeb; it is important to note that all prices are listed and charged in Canadian dollars.

In order to meet diverse web hosting requirements and in a bid to offer flexibility of budget to customers; StormWeb has 5 web hosting plan levels; so the user is subjected to a wide variety of options and gets to choose a plan that perfectly fits his needs.

The first plan level is the Basic Plan. The web space offered with plan is 100MB and the bandwidth allowance is 5GB. The basic plan is priced at $2.99 per month. The user is allowed up to 5 email accounts and does not include databases or FTP sub users. Other vital features also include virus protection and anti spam filters. This plan is ideal for users who are looking for budget web hosting without having to compromise on essential tools and features.

The user is allowed 5 email accounts and each email address gets its own POP3 account. Users additionally get access to email forwards (forward e-mail addresses at your domain to existing e-mail accounts on our servers or elsewhere); web based email; email auto reply; a web based control panel; PHP5.2 support, Zend Optimizer3, CGI and SSI support, password protected directories, web statistics, raw apache logs, high speed internet, high speed servers, SSL or Server Secure Layer, MySQL database support, affordable domain registration as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. However, the domain registrations are non refundable.

With the web based control panel offered by StormWeb; the user is able to manage database, create new email accounts, secure certain areas of website, and manage visitor log files among other tasks. Furthermore; with the web statistics tool; the user gets real time stats of his website; as a breakdown in terms of the visitor’s country; number of visitors and various informative facts and figures that aid in promoting and understanding the position of your website on the internet. StormWeb utilizes state-of-the-art FreeBSD UNIX-based servers.

The second level web hosting plan is the Regular plan; priced at $4.99 per month. With this plan; the users gets 400MB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth. A basic level of anti-spam protection is also offered. Besides this; the user is allowed up to 50 email accounts and 1 FTP sub-user as well as virus protection. Each StormWeb account also includes a cgi-bin folder to support Perl and shell CGI scripts. The company currently runs Perl 5.8.8. All other features and tools offered are the same as the Basic plan.

Next is the third level plan; called the Advanced Plan; available at $11.99 per month. A disk space of 1500MB and bandwidth of 30GB is offered under this plan. The user gets 750 email accounts along with virus protection features. A basic Anti-Spam protection is also offered as well as up to 10 FTP sub-users. This plan does not include databases. In order to get MySQL database support; the customer would require to pay an additional fee of $3 per month. Similarly; if the customer prefers an advanced customizable spam filter; the additional fee charged is $2 per month. (i.e. in addition to the regular monthly charges). It also utilizes advanced email virus protection; and the virus scanners are updated every 30 minutes.

The fourth level plan is the Corporate plan; priced at $29.99 per month. The bandwidth available with this plan is 40GB and disk space offered is 5000 MB. The user gets up to 1500 email accounts and 2 MySQL databases. Other features include advanced anti-spam filters, 25 FTP sub users and virus protection. Similar to the advanced plan; additional databases are available at an extra fee of $3 per month. The secure certificates cost $150 per year (as additional fee). All the other features and tools offered under this plan are similar to the other 3 lower plans.
Then comes the Empire plan; the most advanced web hosting plan package offered by StormWeb. With the Empire plan; users get 20,000 MB of web space and 50 GB of bandwidth. Besides this; the user gets up to 3000 email accounts, 5 MySql databases as well as 50 FTP sub-users. The plan comes with a price tag of $49.99 per month. Other features include advanced anti-spam filters and virus protection features. For additional databases; the users is charged $3 per month and for the secure certificate; there is an additional fee of $150 per year.

There are many other additional services offered by StormWeb in order to enhance service flexibility and feature utilization. In case the user exceeds his disk space package limit; 100MB of additional disk space is provided at $10 per month. Similarly; extra bandwidth is also offered for $5.80 for each additional GB. In order to gain access to advanced spam filtering there is an additional fee of $2 per month. Other additional services also include Domain Pointing and Domain Reconfiguration priced at $3 per month and $30 respectively. With Domain pointing; the user can make one domain an alias for another.

The domain name transfer service is also provided which could take 24 to 48 hours to transfer. However; the user can have his/her web space ready within just 24 hours or maybe less. Payments are accepted by credit card, money order, PayPal or cheque.

The company takes pride in its unmatched high quality customer support; offered by mail and phone. StormWeb possesses highly skilled, trained and motivated professionals to resolve any kind of queries or issues that are related to StormWeb products and services.

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