Usage Benefits and Commercial Advantages-Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private server (VPS) or a virtual web hosting server is a physical server that has been conveniently divided (by using advanced software) into a number of virtual machines, each of them acting as an independent and separate dedicated server. All critical physical resources such as RAM, CPU and disk space are still shared by a number of web sites, but each VPS acts as a separate entity. The most convenient part of this arrangement is the server’s ability to work on a different operating system and its capability to undergo separate configuration in many ways.

Virtual web hosting or VPS hosting is highly advantageous to a webmaster because it can provide 100% airtime and an unfailing service to the customer.

Virtual web hosting also provides a number additional advantages such as:

• Installation of additional and extra applications is possible with these servers

• There is no limitation to what you can achieve with a virtual web server.

• Virtual web hosting is quite flexible and convenient for a webmaster that is looking for a viable web hosting solution.

• With this web hosting, webmasters will have the ultimate freedom to choose their own operating systems and other software applications.

• Webmasters can have the unlimited luxury of almost owning a server without having to buy a dedicated hosting plan!

• For a dedicated webmaster, who wishes to set up a hassle-free web site, virtual web hosting or VPS web hosting is a perfect and attractive niche hosting solution that is not only stable, but also consistent and satisfactory.

• A virtual server is also very cheaper and a cost effective solution, when compared to a dedicated web hosting solution.

The key benefit of owning a virtual web hosting solution is the webmaster’s ability to have an access to the root level of the server! Another positive aspect of this type of server is the allocation of a common configuration facility that divides existing physical resources into equal partitions, where each partition would receive 10% of the allocated bandwidth, CPU power and disk space.

In spite of all these advantages, there are some notable disadvantages attached with virtual web hosting packages such as:

• If a webmaster does not know what he or she is doing, there may be serious problems of software malfunctioning.

• If the webmaster is inefficient or a novice, then this might not be the right web hosting solution.

• With its advantages, virtual web hosting may pose some unforeseen problems while handling the peak level web operations.

• An occasional paucity of critical hardware and software resources could pose real-time problems, especially while customers are using a number of applications like forums, chats or custom web applications.

If you feel that your web site is too large and voluminous or when you perceive that you need better hosting than the shared solution, then virtual private server web hosting can provide an affordable and alternative to costlier dedicated servers. Nevertheless, before shopping for a virtual web hosting solution, ensure that you are finding out how they allocate the system resources to different webmasters, the number of possible accounts and the ability to use different operating systems. Ascertain that you have an access to every single feature of the proposed plan before signing up for the service.

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