Unlimited Bandwidth Web Hosting


You are thinking of putting up a website and you look for a hosting solution that would be perfect for you. The first thing that usually comes to mind is if the hosting capabilities like the space and bandwidth would be enough if your website takes off in a big way. In comes the numerous Web Hosting Registrars that advertises an Unlimited Space and Bandwidth packages at a cost of a cheap 3-5 USDs per month to more expensive ones like 30-50 USDs a month for shared hosting. It is a bit confusing how varying the costs are considering they promised the same Unlimited bandwidth hosting.


Many would say that ‘Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting’ is a myth. Any network’s bandwidth is limited by the amount of data that can be carried by the cables viz. optic fiber, cable, copper wire etc and the speed of the Server. That actually is true if you consider the dictionary term definition of the word ‘Unlimited Bandwith’. Yet when you’re thinking in the context of hosting a website, I believe it is possible to have Unlimited Space & Bandwidth Hosting. Simply put, if the hosting package you subscribe to gives you enough space and bandwidth for the smooth functioning of your site without interruption even when your website hits go up, then it is true in your case. Of course this would depend on the size of your web pages and files and the capabilities provided by your hosting registrars.

For those who have a deeper pocket and would like more guarantees, there is the option of choosing Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers. Dedicated Servers/VPS are physical Servers that the Company rent you. They are much more expensive and also gives you more control.


Out of the many Unlimited Space and Bandwidth hosting packages on offer, some of them are known to restrict their customers by putting limits on certain services like downloads of audio/video etc. Some of them also will charge extra on what they consider to be ‘extra bandwidth usage’. So a word of caution is necessary in choosing your web hosts. Before you commit to any Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting package, comb through the Terms of Service or Service agreement for the hosting service. Many of them will not mention these limits on their sales pages.

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