Top 3 web hosting companies

There are lots of companies providing hosting services these days. It’s not tough to choose a good hosting company for your website, but to choose the right one is.

Here are some points for which these three companies have been selected as top 3 hosting companies:

Reliability :

These three companies are most reliable of all as when you are hosting with them. you don’t have to worry about sudden downtime or security of your data. As they backup data of their clients on regular basis and keep their firewall and other security measurement in place to protect your data. So you just have to relax and focus on need of your business instead of worrying about security of the data.

Uptime :

These companies promise almost 99.9% uptime for their customers. Your site get load fast and your customers be happy to stay with you.

Customer care support :

These companies provide their customers 24/7 customer care support via phone, video chat and e-mail. Where other companies lack this. This is a very good factor as whenever you need them for any of your technical or downtime query, they are there to support you. They do have discussion forum too where customers can discuss their problem.

Control panel and Hosting plans :

A complex control panel confuses and doing a simple update on system seems tuff task for customers because of it. These companies have feasible control panel which help their customers to easy script installments and software updates. They have very affordable customer made hosting planes even to match requirements of smaller businesses. They do have variation of sub planes to meet different requirements of different customers, so don’t miss Christmas web hosting dealsbecause on this special day all 3 companies gives best deal on this day .
So, Here are these three companies chosen on above factors :

Bluehost :

Bluehost is one of the largest companies established in 1998 since then providing quality and affordable services to their customers. Their hosting planes start from as low as $4.95/month with discount offers. They provide shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. They provide website builder and easy one click installation. They also have one in the best in industry customer care support. Plus it does have all the advantages mentioned above in classification.

Page :

Ipage providing its specialized services especially in shared hosting niche. It established in 1998. Their hosting planes start from $3.99/ month. They keep giving discounts for more affordability of the plan. They provide shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. They do have anytime money back guarantee. Good customer care support via phone, video chat and email.

Hostgator :

Hostgator is established in 2002, since than it has been one of the best choices for their customer for their reliable and affordable service. They provide shred, VPS and dedicated hosting planes in different variations to meet the requirement of their customers. Their all accounts are backed up on weekly basis so no threat of losing data to their customer. So it’s a worry free hosting with Hostgator. You can try hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon which allow to buy hostgator hosting at 1 penny for first month.

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