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ImHosted is a reliable, affordable and professional web hosting company and is offering its premium web hosting services to over 78 countries. The unprecedented growth of ImHosted can be attributed to the word of mouth referrals from hundreds to thousands of satisfied and happy customers. offers world class hosting solutions and competitive pricing structures; thereby bringing to its customers a reliable hosting infrastructure and a personalized support system. The company has to its credit, the production of the world’s first virtual hosting control panel software.

The company delivers reliable and scalable hosting solutions; catering to needs of both large and small business customers. Today, ImHosted is ranked among the top web hosting providers in the industry and this status can be attributed to their world-class data centers, unmatched customer service and feature-packed services.

Users receive a guarantee on their services and this includes a 30 day money back guarantee, 99.998% of uptime guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction. ImHosted makes it possible for users to create a virtual online presence in a cost-effective manner as well as various tools and powerful features that aid in the growth of the website. This could be translated in terms of storage, maintenance and promotion of an eBusiness website for which all inclusive features and services are offered and that’s real easy on your wallet as well.

Shared Web Hosting

ImHosted offers its shared web hosting services that come packed with advanced hosting features, robust enterprise web servers and tier-1 network as well as free set up.
The shared hosting category is divided into plan levels: Starter plan and Standard plan.

Starter Plan

The Standard plan is priced at $9.25 per month for the monthly billing cycle as well as for the 3 month billing cycle. For the 12 month billing period; the plan comes at $7.95 per month which includes a free domain name, free set up and the first two months fee for this plan is waived. There is a monthly rental of $6.95 per month for the 24 month plan period and this includes a free domain name, free set up and the first four months of hosting is offered completely free of cost. The 48 month billing period stands at $4.95 per month and includes a $15 charge as the set up fee. The user also gets free downgrading and upgrading services completely free of cost for all the billing cycles.

The Starter plan user gets access to 2,000GB of disk space and 12,000GB of monthly data transfer. Furthermore; the users gets to host unlimited websites at no additional costs whatsoever.

Other features included within the Starter plan are unlimited POP3/IMAP email accounts, unlimited auto responders, unlimited email forwarding, unlimited email aliases, unlimited sub domains, unlimited domain pointing, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited mailing lists and much more. Users get to avail benefits like advanced SPAM and virus protection, webmail access (Neomail, Horde and SquirrelMail); secure web mail logging, anonymous FTP server, e-commerce ready features ( and Paypal support); oSCommerce shopping cart, shared SSL server, web based file manager, Microsoft FrontPage extensions and detailed web statistics through awStats, Webalizer, Analog and FTP stats.

A litany of advanced features further enrich user experience and these include unlimited MySQL databases, user’s own CGI-bin with pre-installed cgi scripts, latest PHP support with cahe engine and GD, Perl Support, SSI, IP filtering system, MySQL+ PhpAdmin, instant web installer (enables auto install of over 110 PHP scripts), www and non www access, MX record changes, sendmail support, catch-all email support, E-mail SMTP server, customizable error pages, password protected directories, web based chat room, back up manager, access to raw log files, Cronjobs/Crontabs and SSH/Telnet access.

Consistent and boosted website performance is made possible with the adoption of the accelerated cache technology and enhanced and sophisticated network infrastructure and connectivity is made possible through their World class IBX/TP/GNAX® data centers and ultra-fast OC-48/OC-192 IP Backbone Connections Utilizing Routescience™ Technology.
Besides the powerful tools and features mentioned aforesaid; users receive a guarantee of 99.998% of network uptime; free ad credit coupons worth $215 from Yahoo!/Overture and MIVA. Their comprehensive support structure and 24/7 quality technical support; makes the starter plan a gem among the more than satisfied customers.

Standard Plan

The standard plan comes at $13.95 per month for the per month billing cycle. For plan periods of 3 months and 6 months; the plan is available at $11.95 per month and $10.95 per month respectively. The 12 month plan period is a favorite among the standard plan users which offers a free domain name, free set up and the first two months is waived. This plan is priced at $9.95 per month. For the 24 month billing cycle; the user requires to pay a monthly fee of $7.95 per month and this includes free set up, free domain name and free service for the first 4 months. The 48 month plan period is available for $6.95 per month and also includes a $15 set up fee. The downgrade and upgrade service is offered free of cost.

The Standard plan users get a generous 2200GB of disk space and 14,000GB of monthly bandwidth. Users under this plan category get to host unlimited domains, at no additional charge. The various unlimited tools and features offered under the Standard plan also include POP3/IMAP email accounts, mailing lists (Mailman manager), FTP accounts, domain pointing, sub domains, email aliases, auto responders and email forwarding.

Users also get access to benefits like high-end virus and SPAM protection, secure web mail login, webmail access, Microsoft FrontPage extensions, web base file manager, detailed web statistics (awStats, Webalizer, Analog and FTP stats); shared SSL server, E-commerce ready features (, paypal support); osCommerce shopping cart and anonymous FTP server.

The more high-end features included with the plan are IP filtering system, Perl Support, user’s own CGI-BIN with presinstalled cgi scripts, SSI, MySQL+ PhpMyAdmin, latest PHP support with GD and cache engine, unlimited MySQLdatabases, Sendmail Support, WWW and Non-WWW Access, Auto-Install 110+ PHP Scripts with the instant web installer, SSH / Telnet Access, no file name or file size restrictions, Cronjobs/Crontabs, Access to Raw Log files, MX Record Changes, Catch-All E-mail, Customizable Error Pages, Backup Manager, E-Mail SMTP Server, Password Protect Directories and Web-Based Chat Room. Users are provided with a $215 worth of ad credit from Yahoo!/Overture and MIVA.

The company offers the award winning control panel as well as a professional website building tool with both the plans. This tool includes more than 500 great looking and highly functional templates. Furthermore, all plans include the 128 Bit SSL Shared Secure Server; which essentially gives the user access to a shared secure server (SSL) to accept orders and other confidential information securely. Highly utilizable web applications or scripts worth $400 come preinstalled with both the plans under the shared hosting category. These include phpBB Forums, PHP-Nuke, phpLinks, phpAuction, Post-Nuke, phpWebSite, phpMyChat,Mambo, xoops, Typo3, phpProjekt, 4Images Gallery, Live Helper, Moodle, Noah’s Classifieds, WebCalendar, PHPlist, OS Commerce, vGuestbook, FAQMasterFlex and many more.

Unlimited Domain Hosting by ImHosted

The Gold account is ideal option for webmasters/users who want to wield the flexibility to be able to host unlimited or multiple domains under one big account as well get to monitor the bandwidth and usage of each client in real time by utilizing the WHM or WebHost Manager. The Gold plans can be characterized as being redundant, secure and powerful and brings to the users a turn-key web hosting solution. This plan category is appropriate if the webmaster is managing multiple websites. Furthermore; the webmaster gets access to free private name server registration, anonymous unbranded nameservers, and personalized control panel for end users, $1000 worth of reseller hosting tools, client or end user support center, option of choosing from multiple control panel themes as well as a support ticket system. Over 2,000 satisfied customers are already enjoying the value added features and benefits offered under the Gold Plan.

The Gold Plan is divided into 3 plan levels:

Gold Plan 1: This plan comes at a monthly fee of $30 (15 set up charges) for the monthly billing cycle. The 3 month and 6 month billing cycle too comes at a price of $30 and does not include any set up charges. Users are allowed to host unlimited websites with this plan. 25GB of disk storage and 4TB of monthly bandwidth is offered. Other essentials comprise of a reseller management interface, instant web installer, professional website builder, an anonymous support center for all clients and resellers, a 30 day money back guarantee and accelerated cache enabled facility. The network connectivity utilizes routescience technology (20 Bandwidth Providers, Tier-1 Bandwidth, Dual OC-3 & OC-192 connections). The hardware is outfitted with Fast Dell® Dual Intel® Quad-Core XEON (8 cpu) Enterprise servers with RAID protected drives, 6GB+ of DDR ECC RAM.

Gold Plan 2: The Gold Plan 2 is priced at $40 per month for billing cycles of 3 months, 6 months as well as for monthly plan periods. Free set up is offered for the 3 and 6 months of plan periods. There is however a $15 set up fee for the monthly billing plan. Users are allotted with a disk space of 30GB and a monthly bandwidth of 5 TB. All other features and tools offered are same as Gold plan 1.

Gold Plan 3: The gold plan 3 comes with a price tag of $70 and offers a disk space of 40GB and the monthly bandwidth allotted is 6 TB. For the other features and tools offered under this plan; kindly refer to gold plan 1.Basically; all 3 plans offer similar kinds of tools and features except for the amount of disk space and bandwidth allotment.

Explained below is a brief overview of features offered under the Gold plans:

Unlimited FTP Accounts, Customized Error Pages, Password Protected Directories, Server Side Includes, MS Frontpage Extensions, 128 Bit SSL Secure Server, Unlimited mySQL Databases, Latest PHP with Cache, Perl/CGI-bin/Python Support, Webmail/SPAM Filters/Catch-All Email, Unlimited Hosting Accounts, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Unlimited Domain Pointers/Parking, Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes, Unlimited Auto responders, Unlimited Email Addresses, Unlimited Email Forwarders, Unlimited SMTP/POP Servers, Unlimited Email Mailing Lists, Secure Shell (SSH), free pre-installed CGI scripts, Free Discussion Forum, Java + PHP Chatroom, Online PGP Encryption Tools, Graphical Web Site Statistics, Access to RAW Log Files, Cronjobs, Web-based File Manager, 99.5% Network Uptime Guarantee, 7 Bandwidth Providers (BGP4 Routing), Email Technical Support, Instant Account Activation, Daily Data Backups, Free SubmitPRO Tool, Personal Nameserver (addon), Customizable Control Panel, Agora Shopping Cart and Interchange Shopping Cart.

ImHosted Advanced Plan

This is yet another plan category offered by ImHosted. This plan category goes beyond the level of shared hosting and yet offers the flexibility of dedicated hosting; while offering an affordable alternative to dedicated hosting.
These advanced plans are hosted on IBM’s Dual Xeon servers and are limited to a select number of sites per sever; thereby offering the user more flexibility and space. Furthermore; every advanced plan runs on the JSP Tomcat server environment on our powerful Linux servers. Each plan supports Java Servlets, JavaScript/VBScript, mySQL Database Support, Java Applets, Java Bean and much more.

Performance Plus Advanced plan: This plan comes at $14 per month and also includes a $15 set up fee. The disk space offered is 100GB and the monthly bandwidth offered is 250GB. Free set up is offered upon signing up for the 3 month plan period.

Power Plus Advanced plan: This plan is available for $50 per month and includes a set fee of $15. Users get access to a disk space of 150GB and a monthly bandwidth of 500GB. Free set up is offered upon signing up for the 3 month plan period.

Here is a brief over of the features and tools offered with the advanced plan accounts:

Ability to host unlimited domains, Customized Error Pages, unlimited FTP accounts, Password Protected Directories, Server Side Includes, MS Frontpage Extensions, 128 Bit SSL Secure Server, unlimited MySQL Databases, Latest PHP with Cache, Perl/CGI-bin/Python Support, Webmail/SPAM Filters/Catch-All Email. Also, unlimited features comprise of unlimited Email Mailing Lists, SMTP/POP Servers, Email Forwarders, Email Addresses, Auto responders, POP3 Mailboxes, Domain Pointers/Parking, Sub-Domains and hosting accounts. Besides; users get access to features and tools including Secure Shell (SSH), 7 Bandwidth Providers (BGP4 Routing), 99.5% Network Uptime Guarantee, Email Technical Support, Instant Account Activation, Free SubmitPRO Tool, Daily Data Backups, pre-installed CGI scripts, free discussion forum, Java + PHP Chatroom, Online PGP Encryption Tools, Graphical Web Site Statistics, Access to RAW Log Files, Cronjobs, Web-based File Manager, interchangeable Shopping Cart, Customizable Control Panel, Agora Shopping Cart and Personal Nameserver.

The IBM servers are adopted primarily because it offers the much needed reliability, scalability and stability for businesses. The company also offers reseller account packages and offers various benefits and also positions the reseller as a one-source supplier of high quality web hosting solutions for their customers. The private label reseller plans are an ideal option for individuals who wish to start their own reseller business and resell the entire portfolio of ImHosted of high-quality products and services at any price they feel that they find suitable. The Reseller plan offers 4 plan levels to choose from: Starter, Standard, Pro and Dev.

The Starter Reseller plan: The reseller price for this plan is fixed at $4.95 per month and the retail monthly fee is priced at $9.95 per month. It offers 3GB of disk storage and 150GB of monthly bandwidth traffic. Other features include POP3 email accounts, FTP accounts, domain pointers, sub domains, email auto responders, email aliases, email forwarding as well as seven bandwidth providers with 99.5% uptime guarantee.

The Standard Reseller plan: This plan is available for $6.95 per month for the reseller and the monthly retail fee is fixed at $13.95 per month. It offers a storage space and monthly bandwidth of 3.5GB and 165GB respectively. Other features and tools are same as offered under the starter plan.

The Pro Reseller Plan: This plan comes at $9.95 per month for the reseller and the monthly retail fee is at $19.95 per month. Monthly bandwidth traffic of 180GB and a storage space of 3GB is provided under this plan. Other features and tools are similar to the Starter reseller plan.

The Dev Reseller Plan: This plan is priced at $13.95 per month for the reseller and the monthly retail fee is fixed at $26.95 per month. Bandwidth traffic of 200GB and storage space of 4.5GB is offered under this plan. Bedsides this; all other features are similar to the ones offered under the Starter reseller plan.

Customer support is provided by the resellers and ImHosted provides the second line technical support and all the system administration activities. Access to web host manager is provided as well which is a high end server management program that allows the user to manage various aspects of the account such as Change Passwords, Quota, Bandwidth Limits, install/remove frontpage extensions, set new hosting accounts, delete hosting accounts, suspend websites for non payment, and modify dns settings.

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