Hostgator Knowledgebase

The Hostgator knowledgebase section is an extensive, comprehensive and an all-inclusive source of gathering all information and knowledge related to HostGatorand its services. Here users will find answers to all their queries and issues; be it pre-sales, billing or support needs.

The knowledgebase has a very clear syntax and all topics are well arranged in systematic categories, so users find it easy to navigate through the knowledgebase and resolve their issues or queries quickly. The navigation bar besides the text also allows the users to search on specific topics in case they need to refine their search or find something more topic specific. The main categories include:Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, Pre-Sales Hosting, Billing, DNS Questions, Domain Names, Site Studio and Abuse. Ranging from basic queries to more complex issues and questions, under the knowledgebase section, users will be able to find and resolve their queries instantly. Almost 99% of information and HostGator related knowledge is found under this section. Its knowledgebase is a highly valuable resource for both members and first time visitors.

Furthermore, it also features tutorials with step by step movies on how to do various tasks related to the HostGator account. The Windows hosting category comprises of control panel, FTP, SSL and E-mail related information. Many “How Do I” topics are also mentioned under this category making it highly comprehensive.

Similarly, the Linux hosting category constitutes control panel related information, FTP, SSL, E-mail, resellers, FrontPage and many more related subcategories. Most of the sections are formatted in an FAQ style and with clearly stated categories and sub categories; the user finds it easy to navigate through the knowledgebase.

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