Hostgator Control Panel

Hostgator offers one of the most advanced and latest control panels called the cPanel. The cPanel is offered with almost every plan and is extremely flexible, utilizable and feature rich. With this hosting control panel, it is possible for users to monitor the amount of bandwidth used, space used; create e-mail addresses, sub domains, MySql databases, and much more instantly.

Other control panel features include Fantastico Deluxe, Soholaunch, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny manager and much more. With the Fantastico Deluxe it is possible for the user and their customers to install over 50 scripts almost instantly. These include Blogs, Portals/CMS, and Customer Support, desks,forums, shopping carts, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists and more. The Soholaunch Pro Edition is a website creation software made for people of all experience levels. The Hotlink Protection feature protects the bandwidth from being stolen when hotlinking takes place. With the IP Deny Manager, it is possible for the user to block any IP or visitor from visiting your website. The “Custom Error Pages” feature allows the user to make a custom error page for anyone who visits a not existent page of your site.

With the cPanel it is also possible to create instant blogs, portals, PHPnnuke, Forums, Guestbook, counter and FormMail. The following blogs can be installed with just a few clicks: b2, b2evolution, Nucleus, pMachine Free and WordPress. Simmilarly, users may install forums with a few mouse clicks. Users will be able to install phpbb, Invision, and Yabbse almost instantly. With the instant guestbook feature, friends can ether sign or leave messages. With the instant counter icon, users can easily install a counter for their websites. A PHPnuke site can also be created with a just a few clicks. With the Formmail it is possible to get all the info by email. The URL direct feature is used if the user wants to redirect pages of their site to any URL they prefer. Users may also upload their files directly from the control panel via the File Manager. This feature can be accessed after having logged into the cPanel account and then clicking on File Manager icon. The directories are secure and protected with passwords. Passwords protect a directory and nobody can view its contents without a password. All HostGator accounts also come with phpMyAdmin preinstalled. PhpMyAdmin allows for easy management of the databases. The control panel is available for demo at the HostGator website and the login info for demo versions is also displayed. It is recommended to view the cPanel demo in its entirety in order get a better feel of the area. It also helps the user in familiarizing themselves with its features and sub features, so they know exactly how to go about controlling and managing their account. Consider this area as the cockpit of an aircraft where the user gets to monitor and view various vital aspects of their account like bandwidth, creation of email addresses, sub domains, MySQL databases, space used and much more.

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