Godaddy Pro Reseller Plan

The Pro Reseller Plan is the second level reseller plan offered by Godaddy and is known to have the best buy rates in the industry. Like all other reseller plans; the pro reseller plan too does not require any deposits, revenues or advances and comes with 24/7 product support for the customers. The ProReseller plan is priced at $199 per year and the reseller gets to earn pay-per-click commission on customers parked domains. The reseller can have his/her storefront live in just a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, it features automatic billing and renewals for over 50 products.Resellers get a complete turnkey website which includes shopping carts and credit card processing features as well. Resellers additionally get access to email marketing and press release templates. An optional feature of marketing emails which are designed and mailed by GoDaddy are also offered under this plan category. This feature is optional and be accessed only if preferred by the reseller. Besides this, blogs, forums, podcast and live chat are also offered. The reseller is able to access and track the built-in advertising campaign. Moreover, a Google AdWords Credit worth $75 and Microsoft AdCenter Credit worth $100 is also provided to the Pro Resellers.

Bonus software and extras worth $360 is offered completely free of cost. This includes the free tools like the traffic blazer, free express email marketing, Website Tonight, SSL certificate, Online File Folder, online profit and activity reports, marketing promotions in order to enhance profitability, Quick Start marketing guide and reseller handbook. Moreover, the plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in case the reseller is not satisfied with the features and services offered or wants to close his/her account for other reasons. With GoDaddy’s exclusive design wizard the reseller is able to design and customize text, graphics and links and wield control over many other features. The Traffic Blazer tool enables the users to analyze, prepare and optimize their websites to key search engines. With the Express marketing tool, resellers can contact customers in a spam-free and legal mode. The SSL secure certificate assures that the customers get safe transactions with the site which is 256-bit encrypted and secure. The Online File Folder gives access to all the essential files and even lets the user synchronize files on the computer.

Resellers can even track their sales and earnings, domain names registrations, pending transfers and much more with the online profit and activity reporting tool. The handbook and guide is a valuable storehouse of informational tips and advice on promoting the reseller website. 24/7 support is also offered both by telephone and email.

Resellers can expect a response by email within one hour of submitting a query or resolve any issues. The Microsoft Ad Center credit is only good for residents in the 50 Unites States and Washington D.C. The reseller can be assured of quality services in terms of promptness, support and courtesy as well as a distinct price advantage and powerful features.

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