Godaddy Basic Reseller Plan

Becoming a Godaddy reseller is an ideal way to earn good money as well as get associated with one of the popular web hosting companies on the internet. SellingGodaddy products is what the role of a reseller constitutes and each reseller plan comes equipped with some fascinating powerful features and applications. Customers get three plans to choose from: Basic, Pro and Super.

The Basic Reseller Plan is priced at $99 per year. The basic plan does not require any kind of deposits, advances or revenue sharing. 24/7 product support is offered to customers and it just takes a few minutes for the storefront to be live. A turnkey website is offered which includes card and credit processing features. Furthermore, automated billing and renewals is offered on over 50 products.

Other vital features under the basic reseller plan includes email marketing and press release templates, reseller forum, blogs, podcast and livechat, a built-in advertising campaign tracking feature and much more. Furthermore, $75 worth of Google AdWords credit and $100 worth of Microsoft AdCenter credit is offered to basic customers. Moreover, $360 worth of free bonus software and extras is also offered. An optional feature of marketing emails designed and mailed byGodaddy is also offered to resellers. This feature needs to be enabled if the reseller wants to access it, therefore making it optional.

Like the Pro and Super plan, the basic however does not include earnings on pay-per-click as commission on customers’ parked domains. In order to be equipped with all the vital information and knowledge of how to capitalize as a reseller, users also have access to the “How to be a Reseller ebook”. The Traffic Blazer feature shows the resellers how exactly to submit their websites to popularsearch engines. The “Express Email Marketing” comes equipped with templates to help reseller market their customers. The Website Tonight tool allows the reseller to create a custom website if desired. The SSL certificate is also offered under all plans to ensure that the storefront of all the customers is secure and protected. The “Online File Folder” feature gives anytime access to any of the files. All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Free software and extras are also offered to basic reseller plan customers. As with the super reseller plan; the basic reseller plan, the reseller is however not entitled to sell basic and pro reseller plans. Resellers are advised to view and carefully peruse each plan category before opting for the reseller plan and choose one that best suits their requirement and budget. The following reporting tools are available with both the basic and pro reseller plans: Product sales report (units, orders, revenue and commission), Commission report, Customer Sales report,Domain registration report, domain lookup, pending transfer report, renewal report, refund report, discount customer list and customer search option. These tools are nearly indispensable and highly invaluable for the reseller and make the entire process well organized and streamlined.

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