BlueHost Versus HostMonster

Small companies like us like to have such hosting as a starting platform for our hosting needs. We would want to have the maximum usage with minimum cost. And bluehost has managed to give us that flexibility. So we can test all we want with the platform…

And when our traffic has increased to the stage when we can have our own dedicated server, that’s when we have the income to be able to spend on a better hardware and software for our business.

I am going to talk about bluehost and hostmonster. I believe many of you have already noticed the similarities which the two hosting websites bear. I am currently using bluehost myself which costs $6.95 per month, while I discovered another similar host called hostmonster which costs only $5.95 per month. It has been quite an argument on the Internet when we found so much similarities between the two of them…

One very obvious thing that they bear is that they are using the same scripts for their web hosting service to the clients. When I check their ip addresses of both their DNS servers, they are using the same group of IP addresses as well… Moreover, when I check with Netcraft, both servers fall under “Bluehost Inc.” And lastly, take a look at their company addresses on both websites… It’s the SAME!

So what can I say as a bluehost customer myself? Of course, I would recommend anybody out there to use HostMonster which costs only $5.95 per month. The most affordable for small companies and yet with the stretch of their dollar to use things which the big players are having… Things such as hundreds of gigabytes of hard disk space… over 2000 email addresses to use… wide variety of scripts to use for their business..

Of course, there is a compromise for having such a cheap hosting of $5.95. They will attract lots of people to sign up for their hosting packages… And the huge workload for the web hosting might sometimes be too heavy for the server to carry. However, my experience with bluehost has been great! Hence, they have been increasing their bandwidth, making sure the server is up and running again when it is down.. Making sure the things are running as smooth as they can.

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