August’s Web Hosting News in Review

August was another splendid month for web hosting. Here at HostSearch we managed to grab Paul Hirsch, President of the AIHSP Founding Committee for an interview, and later in the month the new organization started activity in earnest with a request for industry professionals to join five advisory subcommittees. Great to see this happening – a genuine web hosting body! We’ll keep you posted how events unfold.

Big news in August was of course the Rackspace Initial Public Offering, which unfortunately didn’t go exactly to plan – perhaps a lesson there as to why IT companies have stayed out of the stock market over the last several months… In the ‘extreme hosting’ category in August, the MD of the UK’s Memset decided to “jump Everest” in a bid to “make more people aware of the issues facing women in IT”. That’s certainly one way of doing it! Amazing!
Of course, August had the usual round of surveys. One in particular got our notice… A survey by 1&1 Internet suggested Americans are the most “web-friendly”, being the most likely to make a friend online. Brits, apparently, were the least likely to make a friend online… Now there’s a surprise! Another survey suggested that resellers might be missing opportunities offered by social networking. Probably true of everyone – Web 2.0 is becoming the biggest sales convention on the planet and it’s difficult to maximize the opportunities it is offering. Also in August, a sniff of a rumor that Google was setting up a venture capital arm. And why not? No point having that kind of cash just sitting in the bank! In fact, I have an idea for a successful Web 2.0 application. I wonder if Google would give me some money! Dream on….

More in August’s ‘general’ news category, IT and Internet solutions provider Spiderhost brought a “hurricane insurance” site online – probably timely given current events – and a report came out that Internet companies must police the ‘dark side’ on the web. A dirty job, but someone has to do it! Also in August, a triumphant return to C I Host for Erin Bullock and a triumphant return to the racing track for Go Daddy with both Ron Fellows and Dale Earnhardt Jr. lending their skills to the Go Daddy cause.

Good to see so many web hosts getting awards in August… HostGator came in 21st in Inc 5000 list and Hivelocity made the list once again. In addition, Newtek Technology Services’ data center operator, i/o Data Centers, completed the SAS 70 Type II Audit, which certainly not everyone does. In addition, Intermedia became a Gold Member of the MSP Partner Alliance and Terremark became a certified SAP hosting partner. Excellent also to see that the green machine continues marching onwards… Hostivia went ‘green’ to minimize its impact on the environment, WWF-UK chose a green web host, and RichardsoNEyres offered data centers a ‘green’ action plan. The cloud also got bigger in August… AT&T launched a global ‘next-generation’ utility computing service, while Telco AT&T offered “Synaptic Hosting” – sounds curious to say the least!

Some hosts expanded in August, notably iomart, who opened a new data center facility. In addition, plenty of activity in the world of domains. Easyspace launched the .ASIA domain name extension, AIT’s domain arm offered a range of discounts, and the .ME extension crossed the 100,000 milestone. And as ever, August saw a very decent round of acquisitions. Momentum Advanced Solutions Inc. acquired the IT hosting division of BroadSpire, Inc., Scottish software and Internet services provider iomart bought web hosting company Easyspace, MYOB acquired SmartyHost and UnitSpeed Host transferred VoIP activities to GismoTel.

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